Amazing Benefits Of Using Singing Bowls

When most people wake up in the morning, they have a lot or worrying thoughts that run all over their minds for the things that they need to accomplish in the course of the day. Most of them will go to the internet in search of methods that can help them meditate easily. One of the solutions that you will come across is the singing bowls and they will definitely get your attentions due to their many benefits.  You can get the best singing bowls from Silver Sky.

Singing bowls are believed to have originate from India or Nepal and people have been using then for many years. They were used as ceremonial instruments and maybe as food bowls. It was not until in the 1970s when the west came to know other major benefits of the singing bowls that they became so popular. Beside their amazing looks, singing bowls have other transformative as well as healing properties. 

Singing bowls have been found to promote relaxation. All you need to do is hold the bowl with one hand and hold a striker which is usually a wooden mallet like you would hold a pen with the other hand. You then have to go slowly and gently all around the edge of the bowl using the mallet in a clockwise direction and the bowl will start to ‘sing’. You will start to feel the bowl vibrating as you hear the wonderful tone. You will tend to become conscious in your breathing and fell more relaxed. When you could the calming sound with your breathing, you will release any tension within and promote a sense of calmness and relaxation. 

The bowls have been found to release stress and anxiety since they help in clearing the mind. The resonance of the bowl synchronizes with the brain waves which induce a peaceful state of meditation. You can also fill the room with the beautiful sound of the bowl by striking on its side. You will have a feeling that you are clearing any negative energy within your surroundings. 

You can stimulate your immune system from the vibration produced by the bowl. Every part of our body is vibrating. You can restore and optimize the energy in parts of the body that are in need through the sound frequencies produced by the singing bowls. Since the energy of a human flow in a clockwise direction, you should also play the bowl in a clockwise direction. Check out the best bowls at